We are a team of dedicated professionals seeking to…


Improve the quality and productivity of early childhood programs

And enhance the lives of our youngest children and their families by providing compelling tools, features, and services that address the inherently complex environments in which these programs and services operate.

OUR vision

Host a best-in-class comprehensive, and secure early childhood integrated data system

That is easy to use by parents, teachers, and preschool administrators as well as county, state and federal program managers and professional development specialists so that their work can be well-managed, their outcomes can be shared and coordinated, resources can be leveraged and requirements and timelines can be successfully met.


The values that propel
our mission.

At Hubbe, we believe that creating powerful, robust ECE software solutions can only be accomplished through a foundation of values that help us lead with purpose. Led by former ECE professionals, we know the importance as well as the complexities that come with operating early childhood programs.  We strive to make it easier for our clients every day.

We Act with
We Serve
with a Smile
We Embrace
We Commit to

Our ECIDS Story

We began our work as the iPinwheel Data System in 2012 when we set out to solve the antiquated and fragmented user experience for administrators across many county agencies that manage California’s large-scale early childhood care and education initiatives. After years of observation at Local Child Care and Development Planning Council meetings, we began the journey to create systems we hoped would support the important work of improving care and education for the youngest and most fragile children in our state. Our team has worked tirelessly since then to develop a robust, automated, integrated and intuitive Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) to alleviate the frustration, time-load, and inefficiency of paper and excel-based options and to provide a simple way to store, track, manage, share and report data. We began our work with our flagship Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) which is now an integral part of the QRIS work in 53 of the 58 California Counties. In 2021, we will launch a new component of our ECIDS vision, our Student Information System (SIS). We have adopted the new name of “Hubbe'' to memorialize our expansion and to reflect the many distinctive yet connected networks of systems we are creating to link initiatives, support the unique requirements of each, and protect sensitive data necessary to store in discrete and secure systems. The newly established network of ECE Hubbes are now composed of comprehensive QRIS and SIS systems. As we launch our companion SIS, we hope to make the job of hard working CA State Preschool Program managers easier and more efficient. We deeply value our users, and we work closely with ECE professionals every day to improve our platform based on their needs. We continually invest in the enhancement of our platform by implementing modern software technologies to provide the most secure, reliable, and professional user-experience for our clients. At the end of each day, we want our users to feel like they have a “back-office” team committed to delivering system features and functions that support their management of complex state-funded initiatives that promote learning opportunities for children ages 0-5 and their families. Looking to the future, stay-tuned for the release of additional Hubbe system components as we continue our journey towards a Comprehensive Early Childhood Integrated Data System.