SIS Testimonials


The new Contactless Sign-In/Health Checks has been an amazing change for our program. During a time when the pandemic has made everyone think twice about touching the same piece of equipment over and over after others do the same, this addition could not be more advantageous. Not only does it allow for a safer process, but we no longer have a line of parents waiting at the counter. Parents can walk up, scan the QR code and then step away to finish the sign-in process. It’s easy to follow and does not require a special app on their phones. It is still secure and it even captures a better signature than we were getting on our Chromebook. We love it, thank you!

Kelly Howard
Chief Business Officer
Pioneer Union Elementary School District, El Dorado County, CA

As an active user of Hubbe, both as a classroom teacher and program administrator over the years, I have experienced the full hilt of the system's technological advancements as well as underpinnings. With diverse facets and various aspects that produce a dynamic service, Hubbe has provided our program with an in-house system to fast rack and streamline staff, family, and child data. Of course with any database, there are nuances and kinks that require troubleshooting tactics and navigation. As such, whenever I reach out to Hubbe for support, the superb customer service has always assisted with tackling a range of inquiries from rolling over a school year's information to inputting child data results to merging quantitative numbers. The personnel have proven, time and time again, to go beyond the expected by putting clients' needs and best interests first coupled with prompt and supportive responses. In short, Hubbe has approached data entry, retention, and technical support in a myriad of creative ways and maintains impressive relationships with programs!

Tiffany Bui
Preschool Supervisor
Campbell Union School District, Santa Clara County, CA

I use Hubbe to document my classes' DRDP measures. One of the best features of this program! I have a few favorites but this one is tops... I can use my tablet to take a picture and write an observation of several children and document it directly to the DRDP measure that coincides with it for all the children observed. Saving me tons of time! Love it! I love that the SIS Hubbe support staff always responds to my questions and will help me navigate through this program along with showing me new features to save me time. Our program also uses Hubbe’s parent portal for parents to sign in and out. It is so easy and secure along with easy access for our staff for record keeping purposes.

Beverly Folena
Preschool Teacher
Pioneer Union Elementary School District, El Dorado County, CA

The health features in SIS Hubbe’s platform have been customized to work best with the types of programs we serve. Entering a child’s health related data is simple; from immunization entry to physical exam data collection, the platform makes it quite simple to locate the data needed and create functional reports from it. While in a child’s file, you can easily see if there are any health concerns to be aware of, such as allergies or asthma, see if the child has had a physical exam that meets your dating requirements, as well as any medications the child may take all on one screen; this makes it extremely easy to quickly access data without having to change screens. You also can print out a child’s emergency card containing all this information, along with emergency contact information. This feature is helpful when needing to pass this information along to staff or personnel that may not have access to the program.

Brittany Bone
Health Technician
Lake Elsinore Unified School District, Riverside, CA

Mass enrollment had been very difficult due to a lot of manual inputting into our previous case management system. Intake appointments would take up to an hour and a half per family. With SIS Hubbe, we have been able to reduce that time in half. Managing and assessing fees has also been a lot easier. Our families really enjoy having their statements digitally and that they are able to access it at any time of the day. With SIS Hubbe we have been able to process enrollment and collect data from our prospective families more efficiently. At this moment during mass enrollment and the ongoing pandemic, we have been able to have short appointments and the way we receive and process information from parent’s works well with our community and our staff to keep them safe and healthy and we are also able to collect more accurate data. We are better able to serve our families and their needs because they are essential to the economy and the community. Before our families would have a difficult time making time to enroll and since they’re able to upload their information on SIS Hubbe it has been a breeze! SIS Hubbe is progressive, user friendly, and technologically advanced. It makes my job more efficient.

The SIS Hubbe support team is AMAZING! They were very helpful when we made the switch from our previous system. They have one-on-one immediate remote assistance and resolve our programs concerns or issues instantly

Cindy Arellano
Eligibility Technician

The SIS Hubbe Program has been a life changer for our State Preschool Program at the Moreno Valley Unified School District. The idea for the Document Checklist was phenomenal, it facilitated our enrollment process tremendously. The process has allowed parents to easily provide/upload fillable documents necessary to complete student enrollments. Thanks to engineers who developed this impressive information system program.

Blanca Garcia
ECL Community Technician
Moreno Valley Unified School District, Riverside, CA

We have been thrilled with the Hubbe contactless sign in and health screening process! Families are able to answer health screening questions and sign their child in through their personal devices making tracking attendance and absences a breeze! The electronic records have streamlined our processes for teachers and office staff. Nick and the Hubbe Team were responsive to our many questions as we launched this new endeavor and took our suggestions to heart, making adjustments and improvements promptly. This program is a great resource for programs tracking attendance and student health screenings!

Jeanette Escobar
Preschool Director
Moreland School District, Santa Clara County, CA

QRIS Testimonials

qris USER

I am consistently impressed with the quality of the design of the Hubbe QRIS data system elements. The team continually works to improve the design to be responsive to user needs, and to be intuitively user-friendly. The administrators regularly solicit feedback from both small, medium and large organizations, and consider all levels of concern valuable to drive improvements. This has led to a system that is both extremely complex yet easy to navigate. The instructional support is thorough and easy to access. And, most important of all, the Hubbe Team is ready to help troubleshoot in a timely and friendly manner when issues arise. In all my years of working with vendors, I can honestly say that I have never met such a responsive and respectful team. In large organizations where there are dedicated IT/data positions, this is important. In small organizations, where one or two people might be wearing all the hats, this has been a gift beyond compare.

Sheila Kruse
QRIS Coordinator (Retired)
First 5 Tuolumne
qris USER

Our local Quality Counts program has been using QRIS Hubbe for the past five years. The web-based data system has been instrumental in supporting the management of our county’s early care and education QRIS data. The QRIS Hubbe system and management of data is accessible and easy to navigate for all levels of users. QRIS Hubbe allows us to track growth and progress in many different areas for individuals(students and teachers), classroom teams, sites, and agencies. I can create useful and informative reports to share with our QRIS participants, agencies, and partners, such as QRIS Rating Reports, CLASS and ERS reports, Quality Improvement Plans, Coaching logs, and Educational & Professional Development reports, to name just a few. Hubbe has supported our local efforts and having robust data at our fingertips has allowed us to be more responsive to our partners, funders, and community. In addition, it has enhanced our ability to target areas of strength and areas of opportunity for our early care and education workforce.

The Hubbe team is also responsive to the changing landscape of the QRIS system in California and I never worry about accuracy of our data collection or reports. In addition, Claire Crandall and her team are always on the lookout for ways to improve their system for users and their door is always open to new ideas. The support team is friendly and responds quickly when there are questions or if help is needed, and they have created a library of video tutorials and instruction sheets.

Hubbe is truly like having another person in the office. Everything I need to complete my work for local and state efforts is organized, readily accessible and efficient.

Tanya Myers
ECE Project Manager
Marin County Office of Education
qris USER

The QRIS Hubbe system has made data collection and integration simple, with a beautiful and easy to use UI for all participants. The ERS & CLASS Management tool is by far my favorite, as it has helped streamline a complex and ever-changing process. Hubbe is truly a complete web-based QRIS Management System for Early Childhood Education.

Roderic West
Program Data Technician
Orange County Department of Education
qris USER

In the past, QIP goals were seen as something that you did and occasionally revisited, but there was no sense of ownership between the educators and their QIP’s. They seemed removed from the process. However, since we are able to connect the coaching logs to the QIP goals and the QIP goals to the professional growth plan, educators are able to see how the work they do in a coaching session is connected. This has had an impact not only on their own growth but also in the greater plan that is the QIP goals.

Gelacio Gonzalez
Program Specialist Early Learning
Monterey County Office of Education