Finally, Comprehensive Solutions for California’s Complex ECE Initiatives

Hubbe provides counties with Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) and preschool agencies with Student Information Systems (SIS) designed to support program management, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and exchange information between the county and agency when needed


The complete solution for California’s Complex ECE Initiatives

SIS Hubbe

Manage your agency’s California State Preschool Contracts all from one integrated, secure, and FERPA- compliant platform. Synchronize data as needed with the QRIS Hubbe.

QRIS Hubbe

Manage your county’s California Block Grant and Workforce Pathways Contracts all from one integrated, secure, and comprehensive platform. Synchronize data as needed with the SIS Hubbe


The Trusted Source for California State Preschool Program Management

Family Application portal, parent portal, intake and eligibility management, waitlist management, state reports, CCL reports, family fees, automated billing, student assessments and screenings, student health information, daily attendance, and much more

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Your County’s All-In-One Solution for California QRIS Initiatives

To manage site rating, quality assessments, quality improvement plans, coaching supports, training, agency grants, workforce education and stipend initiatives, and much more

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Enabling Quality for Kids

Our goal is to create features and functions that reduce the burden on ECE professionals, enabling them to invest more time and attention on the children and families they serve. We are proud of our work, and we work hard to support ECE professionals each and every day!

Who we are

Designed to work together as a comprehensive and secure early childhood integrated data system platform that:

Links complex state initiatives

Replaces Paper Processes

Streamlines State Compliance

Saves Time and Resources

Is Designed Exclusively for California QRIS and State Preschool Programs


Your Back-Office Support Staff Who:

Provides Outstanding and Personalized Client Support

Continually builds new software based on client needs

Stays abreast of changes to state requirements

Maintains Detailed Instructions and Video Tutorials

Supports the management of your data

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This is what Preschool Professionals are saying about Hubbe!

Kelly Howard
Chief Business Officer
The new Contactless Sign-In/Health Checks has been an amazing change for our program. During a time when the pandemic has made everyone think twice about touching the same piece of equipment over and over after others do the same, this addition could not be more advantageous.
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Tiffany Bui
Preschool Supervisor
As an active user of Hubbe, both as a classroom teacher and program administrator over the years, I have experienced the full hilt of the system's technological advancements as well as underpinnings.
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Blanca Garcia
ECL Community Technician
The SIS Hubbe Program has been a life changer for our State Preschool Program at the Moreno Valley Unified School District.
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Sheila Kruse
QRIS Coordinator (Retired)
I am consistently impressed with the quality of the design of the Hubbe QRIS data system elements. The team continually works to improve the design to be responsive to user needs, and to be intuitively user-friendly.
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Tanya Myers
ECE Project Manager
Our local Quality Counts program has been using QRIS Hubbe for the past five years. The web-based data system has been instrumental in supporting the management of our county’s early care and education QRIS data.
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Roderic West
Program Data Technician
The QRIS Hubbe system has made data collection and integration simple, with a beautiful and easy to use UI for all participants.
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Gelacio Gonzalez
Program Specialist Early Learning
In the past, QIP goals were seen as something that you did and occasionally revisited, but there was no sense of ownership between the educators and their QIP’s.
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