Family Services & home visiting initiative

Centralized program management for any family service initiative

Family Services Hubbe is a centralized management software for your Home Visiting or other Family Services program. Streamline your team’s processes of data collection and organization for the families that you serve.

Family serviceS / home visiting Features

Our Family Services features are designed to support the program management aspect of the work being done in the field with families as well as the data entry/reporting aspect of the work so that all program activity is done in the same integrated system, saving program administrators time and resources.

Home Visiting Documentation

Our Family Services Hubbe offers robust features for comprehensive Home Visiting Initiatives. Effortlessly assign staff to roles, and caseload home visitors and home visit supervisors. Customizable home visiting logs used for tracking family visits can be tailored to include details regarding the curriculum used for each initiative. A powerful event calendar allows staff to quickly plan home visits and training events, and is accessible by family services managers to track time investments. Home Visiting staff will find functionality for all aspects of their day-to-day work within the Family Services Hubbe.

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HVP and F5 Annual Report Date Grids and Downloads

A powerful grid provides a data roll-up of all the elements used for aggregate counts for the HVP 19 Report. Subcontracted agencies can review all source data for this report right from this grid and can easily identify and update missing data from the grid. County administrators can review the HVP-19 source data across all subcontracted agencies. A similar power grid is available at both the agency and county levels for the First 5 Annual Report. Aggregate HVP 19 and First 5 Annual Reports can be generated from these features based on the source information surfaced on the grids, and report downloads — in the format requested by the state — are available for county administrators to download and submit to the state.

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Developmental Screenings

Easily conduct and enter ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2 scores directly into Hubbe to monitor the progress of the children enrolled in your program. All ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2 screening results roll up into grids at both the agency and county levels as useful tools to monitor progress and inform necessary referrals for children who may need interventions. ASQ data entered into ASQ Online can be imported into your Family Services Hubbe to be included in program monitoring and referral activities.

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Parent and Student Referrals

We know how important it is to ensure the safety of your students, families, and staff. That’s why we’ve created a health screening tool that allows you to prevent parents from signing in their child unless they answer all health check questions successfully. You have the power to customize the questions we provide for you, giving you the ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Material Grants Management & Tracking

The Family Services Hubbe has a comprehensive and fully customizable feature for tracking material grants planned and distributed to participating families within your program. Budget allocation totals, as well as incremental distributions over pre-established timeframes, can be set up at the county-level. Subcontracted agency staff can then effortlessly manage all material grant allocations for the families they serve. All work flow activities are tracked within the system and all data related to materials grants is surfaced on detailed grids at both the agency and county levels. 

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Parent Portal

The parent portal was designed to bridge the gap between parents and staff. The portal connects parents to the program as well as to the staff providing their program services. In the parent portal, parents can conveniently message their home visitor, reference their family’s information, upload and eSign documents, submit answers to survey questions, review detailed information about the program specific to their family and more.

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Parent Engagement

Instantly communicate with the parents in your program using the messaging tool in Hubbe. With more than 100 translation options and photo/video/document attachment capability, we built this tool to simplify communication channels between staff and parents.

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Hubbe Mobile App

To equip parents and staff on the go, a reliable mobile application for Apple and Android devices offers a powerful solution. Home Visitors can utilize their mobile and tablet devices during a family visit via the “staff app” to stay connected to the internet while inputting important data for the family, as well as their home visit notes. Families can access the “parent app” to utilize their parent portal from their mobile and tablet devices.

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