One Powerful Platform to Support Your California Preschool and Child Care Program Requirements

SIS Hubbe was designed to meet 100% of the California state preschool and child care program requirements within a logically-organized and easy-to-use interface for program staff and parents.


A few of our most powerful tools celebrated by administrators, teachers, and parents


Manage your waitlist in system-calculated priority order, view/manage documents uploaded by parents, check the status of each application, communicate with team members, and intake applications to your program submitted by parents through our online application portal. The Applications and Waitlist feature is the strategic source for all things related to intake and eligibility!

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CDE & CDSS Program Management

Use Hubbe to support requirements for your directly operated preschool and child care programs under the California Department of Education (CDE), and California Department of Social Services (CDSS). In Hubbe, you can create the Confidential Application for Services (9600) and Notice of Action as you enroll families, and generate the CDD-801A/B, PLIS, and 8501/9500 reports for monthly and quarterly reporting.

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Easily track when student immunizations are due, pull the 8018 summary report, enter physician’s report data for each student, track special needs, and enter BMI data for Head Start programs. We’ve curated student health documents and emergency cards for all students enrolled in your program, allowing you to see the most important health alerts for your children.

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Parent Portal

The parent portal was designed to connect parents with their child’s educators. In the parent portal, parents can reference their family’s information, upload and eSign documents, submit answers to survey questions, receive their statements and make payments, and so much more.

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