QRIS Data Management Made Simple.

QRIS Hubbe is a centralized database to track, measure, store, and report all that you need to manage your complex QRIS Initiative. The Hubbe System and the Hubbe Team is your “back-office” support, leveraging your time and resources and streamlining your team’s efforts to better impact quality for children and families in the field.


A few of our most powerful tools celebrated by QRIS professionals like you

/Staff Data Management

A robust way to manage essential data for all entities within a county, region, or consortia. We organize all your agencies, staff, sites, and sessions in a hierarchical manner that retains data in the logical place and makes navigating through the system easy.

Site Rating Management

QRIS Hubbe’s Site Rating Management feature has been specifically calibrated to the California QCC Hybrid Rating Matrix and Implementation Guideline.  Element scores are automated based on data within the system, and beautiful reports can be downloaded into PDF with your county QRIS logo to be shared with site managers.

Classroom Quality Assessment Management

The QRIS Hubbe’s ERS/CLASS Management has robust features that enable county managers to plan, schedule and caseload assessors and manage the workflow of assessments all the way through sending the final report to providers and paying invoices for external consultants.

Agency Application Portal and Intake

The QRIS Hubbe’s Application Portal allows center-based, FCCH, FFN and Alternative agencies to apply online to participate in the county/consortia QRIS program. Seamlessly send and receive web-based agency applications for intake to your county QRIS.

County/State Grant Funding Management

The QRIS Hubbe’s funding feature can be used to plan and distribute your QRIS Funding Allocations that are made from the county/consortia to individual participating ECE agencies. The feature enables counties to input funding “rules” unique to each allocation type and then generate detailed allocations/budgets/invoices for each agency based upon those “rules” and the data that is located within the system.

Staff Surveys

Create highly customizable web-based surveys, send directly to selected staff, and easily track progress and results that are automated for you in real-time by using the QRIS Hubbe’s Survey Feature.

QRIS Data Collection and Management

Easily collect and conduct quality assurance on data reported to the state by using QRIS Hubbe’s easy-to-use data collection “wizard” that provides a web-based interface where county staff can interact with agency staff to collect, update and verify data every year. County managers can review data within powerful data grids that can be customized, filtered and sorted as needed before reporting data to the state.

Workforce Management

QRIS Hubbe provides an intuitive platform to manage ECE staff and their various roles across many county initiatives. The ECE Workforce Record has robust features for managing staff education milestones and professional development investments.  A comprehensive staff profile and resume feature enables data to be visualized in highly professional and useful downloads.

Professional Growth Plans (PGP)

The QRIS Hubbe enables ECE staff and county professional growth advisors to manage their collaborative work using a web-based PGP platform for where PGP goals and activities can be created and managed.  The QRIS Hubbe’s PGP is linked to staff professional development milestones, county training, and ECE Stipend features within the system for seamless data integration.

Stipend Management

QRIS Hubbe has a comprehensive ECE workforce stipends feature that integrates with many other system features to enable county managers to create customized stipend tracks, recruit stipend participants using web-based features, manage stipend requirements and track progress, by individual and groups, all the way through to the “paid” status. Setup and launch a customized stipend application process organized entirely inside of the Hubbe system.

Coach Logs

The QRIS Hubbe has robust features for comprehensive coaching Initiatives that includes caseloadable roles for coaches and coach supervisors, customizable coach logs for tracking coaching activities, and a wide variety of coaching reports, charts and graphs.  It is an all-in-one system for coaching.

Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)

The QRIS Hubbe has customizable Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) features at the agency, site, session and ECE staff levels that enable coaches and the workforce to collaborate on goals and actions items designated for targeted quality improvement.

Instructional Coaching Cycles

The QRIS Hubbe’s Instructional Coaching Cycle features is a web-based platform for coaching support to provide ongoing support to ECE staff virtually through the data system. Coaches can post instructional cycles with original/customizable learning content, including video clips and photos, that can be accessed by the workforce any time/anywhere via the data system. Instructional Coaching Cycles include an activities section as well as a message board and video/photo/comment sharing platform between the coach and staff or between all staff participating in the cycle.  Coaching cycle content can be created once and then shared in the “library” for other coaches to access and utilize.


The QRIS Hubbe offers a robust training management system, including platforms to create and manage workshops, PLC/COPs, and parent education.

Import / Export for Updating Large Data Sets

The QRIS Hubbe allows data managers to streamline the process of updating large data sets with a comprehensive system-wide export/import facility. All data within the system can be exported into an excel sheet where data can be managed/copied from other sources, and then imported back into the system after updates are made.

Robust Reporting

The QRIS Hubbe stores reports and exports that can be customized, filtered and sorted directly within the system features for easy and intuitive access to downloading the data in a way that is needed to manage and report on your program

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